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      Contact us

      Tel: 0086-577-61800010
      Mobile: 0086-13968712589
      Fax: 0086-577-55775739
      Skype: feeoelectric
      E-mail: info@feeo.com.cn
      Address: Keaisi Road, Xiangyang Industrial zone , Yueqing, Zhejiang,China.

      Our Team

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      Terence: sales manager

      He had been in solar electric area for more than six years and have

      many experience in solar system solution.

      He is a man with full plan on every day which is worthy of our learning.

      Jack: saler

      He have worked in electric area for five years. He used to sale

      in domestic market and now he would more like to work with

      foreign trade. He can learn more and see more through this


      Echo: purchase

      She is the big sister of our company, very kindly and friendly to everyone

      Ella: saler

      She is the group leader of the saler team and I have to admit

      that she is such a good saler. She is good at negotiating and

      always can easily win the order.

      Michael: the network administrator 

      He takes charge of Alibaba, Made-in-China, company website and

      so on. and he is really good at Photoshop and can help us do the

      image job. Also he is a big brother to us,too. We all loved him.

      Amy: saler

      She is undergraduate graduation of international trade and

      economic. Very professional in International trade. Also

      she is a kind girl and always gentle to everyone. Actually,

      we like to call her beauty Wang.

      Sammi: saler

      She really wants to do job better,  takes advantage of opportunity, and

      above all never give up.

      Eartha: saler

      She joined FEEO this year and she worked very hard and always

      get a positive attitude which is worthy of our learning.

      Leona: saler

      She is a new member in FEEO this year,graduate from the major of

      international trade and economics. She is a responsible and honest girl.

      Queeniemanager assistant

      She has a wealth of experience in import and exportshe is really

      good at office software and she gave the team a great help.