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      Contact us

      Tel: 0086-577-61800010
      Mobile: 0086-13968712589
      Fax: 0086-577-55775739
      Skype: feeoelectric
      E-mail: info@feeo.com.cn
      Address: Keaisi Road, Xiangyang Industrial zone , Yueqing, Zhejiang,China.

      Why Choose Us

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      After sales:Working closely with our customers so that we evaluate the success of our delivered product.
      We put a lot of hard work into making sure we supply you with the products you want,but
      We also know, no matter what we do, sometimes, issues to arise.
      After your goods arrive with you ,we will contact with you to ensure your delivery was received how and 
      When you expected, and also to inquire how the products sold through or were greeted by end-users.
      Your feedback is vital for us to continue to improve. We welcome your comments, both good and bad, and strive to offer alternatives or improvements for you future orders.